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Introducing Jarvis CRM V4

Say Goodbye to spreadsheets.

New Calendar
Data Visualizations
Expense Management
Integration Options

New October 2017 Features:

  • Email linking to contacts and projects
  • Touchpoint with automated task creation
  • Timesheet form and list views
  • Completed tasks log activities

Project Calendar

Calendar for viewing project schedules

Color coded by project type

User calendar for events and task management


Manage companies with ease

Quick add contacts

Data visualizations

Set default contacts

Attach documents


Data visualizations

Maintain company history

Independent data tracking

Lead management – Now with touch points

Mailing list assignments

Take notes in a rich text editor

Project Management

Create the perfect plan, with flexibility.

Fully interactive gantt chart *updated

Manage project resources, both client and internal

Attach documents

Track activities

Track time to tasks or milestones


Manage Vendors

Track purchase orders

Store important forms like W-9’s and Contracts

Monitor products and services for reorder

Products & Services

Manage your products and services

Maintain stock levels

Set minimum and max stock levels

Track cost and price history

Assign multiple vendors

Quickly adjust inventory discrepancies


Quickly build a quote for your customer

Monitor probability of sale

Send as PDF via email to your client or print one

One-click conversion to a sales order

Maintain attachments (external quotes, MSDS information, any file type, even video!)

Invoicing & Payments

Multiple Invoices from Sales Orders

Single Invoices for Quick Sales

Take payments for multiple invoices or multiple payments on a single invoice

Payments integrated with 360Works Plastic 2 (separate license required)

Purchase Orders

Ease of order entry – automation possibilities

Track the status of open purchase orders

Receiving module updates quantities in inventory

Marketing Campaigns

Integrated to MailChimp®

Sync campaigns to Jarvis CRM™

View campaign ctatistics

Marketing Group

Sync with MailChimp®

Use for multiple campaign types

Email, phone, mailings

Team Dashboard

Stay productive, by seeing what you need to know

Updated Calendar – user controlled events.

Manage task list, calls with ease

Keep up with quotes, sales orders and projects

Expense reports – track receipts and mileage – iPhone Ready!

Time sheets – by client and project

HR Module – salary and role, management hierarchy, emergency contact


System preferences

Navigation and security preferences

Security by user role and device

List management for leads

New –  Marketing list management with export

Reporting and Data Visualizations

We built the standard reports, but left room for customizations and specific reports



Time Activity


Even more CRM features

Integrated Email

Upgraded UI for FileMaker 16

Maps upgraded with Google API

iCal Events

Marketing module integrated with MailChimp

For Developers

Clean Relationship Graph

Modular Scripting

New techniques for User Interface

Consistent Standardized Naming Conventions

Modular components for ease of development

Easy to integrate and deploy