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Jarvis 5

New Calendar
Data Visualizations
Expense Management
Integration Options

All New in Version 5

  • User Focused Enhancements
    • My Tasks
    • New Time Logging
    • Sales Goals
  • Major Projects Enhancements
    • Risk Management
    • Improved Gantt
    • Project Templates
  • Schedule Calendar
  • No Web Install!

Over 50 more

Jarvis Main Menu


  • All New Scheduler Calendar
  • View by Day, Week, Month, and Agenda
  • See multiple users at the same time
  • Opens in a separate window for easy of planning
  • View User Capacity


  • All New Charts, Cleaner, Faster
  • Better oOrganized for workflows
  • Quick Add Contacts and Addresses
  • Create Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Projects
  • Manage Companies with ease
  • Manage Subscriptions


  • All new charts
  • Know how your contacts are performing at a glance
  • Lead Management
  • Groups management for Campaigns (Works with MailChimp)
  • Improved Touchpoints
  • Updated Task Management, auto create Activities and Follow-up Tasks

Project Management

  • Loads of new data visualizations
  • New project risks and planning
  • New notebooks, using a full text editor, take great notes formatted the way you want
  • New Settings Tab – Define project roles your way
  • Create a Slack Channel!
  • Track time and expenses against the project
  • Create invoices for project
  • All new Gantt Chart, simplified!
  • Project Templates – create and reuse the best made plans


  • Simplified User experience
  • Easily create Purchased Orders
  • View current stock levels
  • Store important tax documents

Products & Services

  • All new charts, view performance over the year
  • Create PO’s directly from the selected product
  • Update or view inventory transactions
  • Print a barcode to a label printer
  • Build a kit
  • Added a Product Type of Subscription
Products and Services


  • Updated to assign tasks, log activities, and notes
  • One-Click conversion to a sales order or invoice
  • Added ability to create a quote without having to start at Accounts
  • Track probability of sales
  • Send PDF to clients for approval

Invoicing & Payments

  • Updated to assign task, log activities, and notes
  • Take and view payments
  • Links to Project if invoiced from a project
  • Create new invoices without having to go to companies
  • Easily send PDF of invoice to clients
  • Take payments for multiple invoices
  • Link to revenue accounts
  • View all payment details and invoices that were part of a payment
  • Take partial payments
  • Payments integrated with 360Works Plastic 2 (separate license required)
Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

  • New fields to track Vendor Invoices and Payments
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Email PDF of Purchase Order to Vendor for ordering
  • Store documents such as vendor invoices with PO

Marketing Campaigns

  • All new data visualizations for email statistics from MailChimp®
  • Quick view email
  • Manual refresh statistics
  • Manage other campaigns, like phone or mailings
Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Groups

Marketing Group

  • Ability to print a mailing list of a group
  • View list members
  • Sync group to MailChimp®

User Dashboard

  • Your ultimate dashboard
  • All new User-centric menu, Manage Tasks, Log Time, Expenses and Activities from any module
  • All New Time entry module, easily enter time for a project, view by day and submit
  • All New Expense entry module
  • Faster Calendars
  • User Avatars
  • New Data Visualizations ( Activity Tracking, Hours, and Sales Data)
  • View Sales vs Sales Goals with all new chart
  • Set Sales Goals
  • Simplified User Experience
  • All new management window for Admins
  • Tasks are easier than ever to create, view and filter
  • Manage Employees Module for HR
Lead Values


  • Manage general System settings
  • Manage Menu names
  • Manage Marketing Touchpoints templates by segment
  • Manage Project templates
  • Integration preference for Google, Slack, MailChimp Clearbit and email. 

Reporting and Data Visualizations

We built the standard reports, but left room for customizations and specific reports



Time Activity



Even more CRM features

Integrated Email

Upgraded UI for FileMaker 17

Maps upgraded with Google API

iCal Events

Marketing module integrated with MailChimp

For Developers

Clean Relationship Graph

Modular Scripting

New techniques for User Interface

Consistent Standardized Naming Conventions

Modular components for ease of development

Easy to integrate and deploy